Thursday, 10 February 2011

First acrylic painting complete!!

I finally completed an acrylic painting which is the 4x4 miniature lion I have been working on.

As I had 4 of these small 4x4 boards in total, I have decided to create a big cat series. It will include the four main big cats, the lion (complete), the tiger, the jaguar and the leopard. However to make it a bit different I think I will be doing a white tiger and a melanistic jaguar. It will allow me to hone my acrylic skills to the point that I will be happy to attempt a larger piece. :)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Scratching and painting!

I finally got some more done on my acrylic lion, my weakness with acrylics definitely has to be colour, specifically getting the right colour and not being to afraid to go too dark or light. I am beginning to realise this because when I compare my scratchboards to my acrylics the one thing that stands out to me is the contrast which  I seem unable to achieve with acrylics. However I am just going to keep on persevering.

As stated earlier I have also started another scratchboard, of a cat which I have never drew in my life. It is a cheetah and it is based off a photographs taken by the talented photographer Tambako the Jaguar from flickr. It is 8x10 and on ampersand. I actually find that starting a scratchboard is easy the middle and the end not so.:)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tigers, Tigers burning bright!!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have finally got some time.:)

I eventually finished off my sumatran tiger scratchboard 14x18 which I decided to title 'A little Closer'. I think as my first proper background piece it was a success!

I have also started another tiger scratchboard which is 16x20. The reference based off one of Niranj Vaidyanathan's great photos. It is a bengal tiger and I am enjoying working on this piece. It too will include some background.

In addition to this I will be starting another two boards with one being a cheetah and the other will be zebra which is quite different to the big cats I am obsessed with. I have not forgotten about my two acrylics but I don't think I will be completing the tiger but I will definitely be finishing the lion some time soon.

This year I have decided to get more serious and hope to get some of my work displayed and a website up and running too. As a UK scratchboard artist which are thin and few I hope that someday I can do my bit in getting scratchboard the recognition it deserves as a fine art medium.