Monday, 13 December 2010

Two tigers and a lion!

Sorry for the inactivity, as usual university is taking its toll. I have had some more time to work on my scratchboard and acrylic tiger and have some updates!:)

I am just scratching away with my tiger and have put in the base scratches on the other side of the face. A lot of toning and defining of facial structures is still required. I have also started adding in some foliage too. I am still looking for some title suggestions too so all help is appreciated.

With my acrylic tiger  I just decided to block everything in. I have started some of the final detailing on the left side of the face, the orange fur beneath the eye. I also need to learn how to stop overworking a piece which I think is one of my main weaknesses with acrylics.

Yip I have also started another piece which is also another big cat. This time it is the lion with the reference from Mike Seamons from flickr. I have realised that I am one of those artists that like to have a few pieces on the go because then I don't get bored and the inspiration sticks with me then.:) This piece is showing at its original size. I decided to really challenge myself with acrylics and decided to do a close up piece of a lion which is only 10 cm X 10 cm. As you can see the underpainting is complete and I have completed one eye too. This is the most difficult eye I have ever done due to the size. Closer to its completion I will show a size comparison with a penny. :)

I won't have any more updates for a little while because I have a lot of uni work and exams but I will update when I have made some progress.:)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Another Tiger!!:D

Alongside my scratchboard tiger I have decided to start an acrylic tiger piece. I do a lot of big cats because these felines hold a special place in my heart!

This will be a second serious attempt at acrylics and this crop is quite unconventional. It will be based off one of my own shots I took and many people either love or hate the crop due to numerous reasons. I personally love it.:)

It is titled ' A close encounter ' as it is quite an intimate piece as if the tiger has came extremely close to the viewer.

At the minute I do not feel as if I have a method to how I paint, but one thing is for sure I prefer to do a bit at a time instead of blocking the whole piece in.