Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Another Tiger!!:D

Alongside my scratchboard tiger I have decided to start an acrylic tiger piece. I do a lot of big cats because these felines hold a special place in my heart!

This will be a second serious attempt at acrylics and this crop is quite unconventional. It will be based off one of my own shots I took and many people either love or hate the crop due to numerous reasons. I personally love it.:)

It is titled ' A close encounter ' as it is quite an intimate piece as if the tiger has came extremely close to the viewer.

At the minute I do not feel as if I have a method to how I paint, but one thing is for sure I prefer to do a bit at a time instead of blocking the whole piece in.


  1. I like that crop! its a bit out of the ordinary, which is a good thing in art!
    Looking forward to seeing it finished xx

  2. Thanks Pat am glad you like it. Sorry I took so long to publish your comment.