Sunday, 6 February 2011

Scratching and painting!

I finally got some more done on my acrylic lion, my weakness with acrylics definitely has to be colour, specifically getting the right colour and not being to afraid to go too dark or light. I am beginning to realise this because when I compare my scratchboards to my acrylics the one thing that stands out to me is the contrast which  I seem unable to achieve with acrylics. However I am just going to keep on persevering.

As stated earlier I have also started another scratchboard, of a cat which I have never drew in my life. It is a cheetah and it is based off a photographs taken by the talented photographer Tambako the Jaguar from flickr. It is 8x10 and on ampersand. I actually find that starting a scratchboard is easy the middle and the end not so.:)


  1. You're far too harsh on yourself, Irfan - that's a lion many who've been painting for a while would be proud of!
    The new beginning looks good. I can imagine you making a scratch board of a black panther and just leaving it at that stage. It would be perfect :)

  2. Irfan keep persevering with the acrylics, although I have found them to be much harder to scratch through than inks. I know these two pieces are going to be brilliant....I have also used Tambako's reference photographs, he is a fantastic photographer.

  3. Thanks Pat!! I guess I should stop being so harsh as it is only my third acrylic. I would love to do another melanistic big cat after doing the jaguar, I have just got to get some more references. :)

    Thanks for the encouragement Judy! The acrylic piece is solely acrylics there has been no scratching. Tambako really is a generous person who I am proud to call my friend.

  4. My mistake, sorry Irfan. Well it is still going to be brilliant when finished - great work.