Thursday, 10 March 2011

'Alone' and 'Evening glow'

Time for another update I think. I would also like to add that I created a facebook page for my artwork. If you are interested this is the link Facebook.

Well I got my tiger piece finished which I entitled 'Alone' and it is 16x20. I really like it and I think I am beginning to break through as an artist. My aim is going to be to try and add some more backgrounds to my pieces but I will also still be doing close ups.

I also got another piece finished the 8x10 cheetah which I started about a month ago. It has two layers of scratching on it, which is much more noticeable up close. I titled this one 'Evening glow'.

I am now starting a zebra with a lot of background in it. I hope that I can pull this one off.

I have not given up with acrylics, I went back to the tiger I started and I am working on it. I think it will be a practice piece. I doubt I will ever be happy with it, so it may not be one of my serious pieces.


  1. They're both beautiful, Irfan - and very atmospheric xx

  2. Thanks Pat! You always have something great to say about my art!