Friday, 1 April 2011

'Cold Intentions'

I got my snow leopard piece finished and I titled it 'Cold Intentions' because of the quite sinister stare.

In addition to this I just started an acrlyic piece today. I figured I better get cracking on with my quest to better myself with this medium. After all I didn't spend money on the expensive supplies for no reason.

It is a bald eagle and it is 8x10. It is based off my own reference.

I really do find acrylics challenging! Sometimes I wonder why I took them up, maybe soft pastels would have been a better option, at least then I would be able to blend more easily.

I am just going to keep perservering! I am determined to reach a stage where my acrylic works are on the same level as my scratchboards.

I am still working on the zebra and I am really enjoying it.



  1. That is quite a hypnotic stare! Excellent job, Irfan - and the eagle is looking good already :) xx

  2. Irfan your snow leopard looks fantastic....great work and I am sure you will like acrylics once you get used to them. I will look forward to seeing your progress on the Bald Eagle.

  3. WOW Irfan! I have never heard of this before apart from copperscratching when I was younger, I am totally inspired! I am desperate to give it a go now, your artworks are sincerely extraordinary and I am in awe of your talent :) I will certainly be back for future posting, Jules

  4. Thanks Pat, Judy and Julia!!