Saturday, 10 September 2011

Yes, I am still alive. :)

I must be the most terrible art blogger there is. It has been so long since I updated this blog. I have still been working on art. So here are the pieces I have completed since the last time I updated.

'The Pioneer' -11x14 - Grevy's Zebra

'In Sight' - 14x18 - Wolf
This piece was exhibited at the national exhibition of wildlife art 2011.

'Alone' - 19x12 - Bengal Tiger
I decided to revisit this piece and therefore cropped and coloured it.

'Aged Wisdom' - 5x7 - African Lion

Currently I am working on a tiger, an eagle, an african crowned crane and an eagle owl which are all in scratchboard. I will post updates on these once I have done a substantial amount of work on them. I am also working on a large acrylic painting too of an amur leopard. I like having lots of artwork on the go so that I don't get bored.



  1. Welcome back!
    Lovely to see some new work from you - and at such a high standard too. Bravo! xx

  2. Amazing work Irfan, every piece!!!

  3. Thanks for the great comments everyone!