Friday, 18 June 2010

First Acrylic!

I decided to post my first acrylic. I have not used very good material as I just wanted to get a feel for them first. I have now ordered the proper materials.

This is the first time I have ever used a brush and acrylics and it is on canvas. I have established that I dislike canvas due to the texture as it does not allow for fine details. The inexpensive paints I have are not even permanent they dissolve with water. So I am really looking forward to my new acrylic supplies arriving.

The reference photo is from the great photographer and artist Cathy Sheeter. I have made it a close up of my favourite animal the tiger.

I have just begun detailing the left eye and the rest is in the ugly underpainting stage. I may or may not finish this because I don't want to put so much effort on cheap materials to get a rubbish result. It is 9x5 inches.


  1. Nice work! Hope you see this one through, even if you don't yet have the best materials, it's all useful experience!

  2. Looking good so far!
    I would echo what Sharon said - it is useful experience to complete it. Once you have finished you might think, " I wish I'd done that differently" and once you get the quality materials - you can, in a new piece!