Monday, 10 May 2010

Am not lion. :)

I have finally gotten into the swing of things with the lion and this is where I am the now.

I think I may add in a big scar to show that this lion has been in fights for survival! I thought it would make the piece more interesting. For the mane I am trying to portray raggedy, untamed hair to try and evoke a true feeling of wildness. So far I have used a scalpel for the whole piece which is a new tool that I am beginning to like. I also think I may add some grass as well.


  1. I have never followed a blog before, but I found your work on 'wet canvas' and I love it! You have a great talent. I can't believe you are so young. I'm sure great things are ahead for you!

  2. Thanks am glad you like it 'anonymous'. Also thanks for your encouraging comment!!!:) Do I know you from wetcanvas?